Thursday, April 29, 2010

Butterflies and Lady Bugs

In my preschool class we are watching the life stages of a butterflies and lady bugs.

You can buy kits, and it is a great and easy way to show the kids how these insects change.

Here are the caterpillars in the chrysalis stage They are in the jar the caterpillars came in.

I leave the net out for the kids to examine with several butterfly books.

Here are the chrysalis pinned to the side of the net.

Here are the lady bugs. They are in the final stages of the larvae stage.

It is so fun to watch them change.

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We Made It !!! Friday Showcase!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, can not wait to see all that you have been up to.

Link you fun kid projects below. Thanks

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easy Paper Plate Butterflies

This is an easy butterfly that almost any age could do. Also, you could decorate the wings with paint, crayons or markers and it would still turn out pretty.

We used: A paper plate, construction paper, scissors, glue, eyes and Do-A-Dot-Art.

Decorate the plate. Cut out a body and antennae.
Cut plate in half in a back and forth pattern. Glue on all parts to the body.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cricket Craft

Here is another repost, we are doing bugs at preschool, so this fits right into what we are doing.

I found this cute craft on the Better Homes and Garden website. My kids saw it and could not wait to make it (because it is a bug). I made some modifications to it to make it a little easier for younger kids. Do not be scared of the paint because you do not have to use it. I know paint can be messy.
You will need toilet paper roll, scissors, glue, pom-poms, paint or markers or green construction paper for the body (to make the toilet paper roll green), wiggly eyes, chenille stems, green foam sheet or construction paper and a pencil.

Have the kids paint the toilet paper roll green. OR you can have them color it with a marker OR just wrap it in green construction paper and glue it.

While the paint is drying, I get all the pieces set up to glue on.

I used foam sheets to cut out legs but construction paper will work too.

For the nose, I cut a triangle out of craft foam sheet and folded 2 of the corners and glued them together.

We assembled the face. Glue on the nose, pom-poms and wiggly eyes.

Curl the ends of the chenille stems. Then glue on the chenille stems for the antennae.

Glue on the back legs. I also made front legs by cutting out a "U" shape and gluing it to the bottom of the front of the toilet paper roll.

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Monday, April 26, 2010


I love these cute dragonflies with the hand print wings. A teacher at my preschool made these, when I saw them I know we had to make them.
We used: Paper towel roll, construction paper, glue, scissors, pencil, wiggly eyes, and sequins.
Wrap the paper towel roll with construction paper, glue or tape it securely.
Trace the hand print and and cut it out. Decorate with sequins.
Glue on eyes, antennae and tail.

These are made with toilet paper rolls.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colorful Butterflies

I think these butterflies turns out great. They are so prettyand colorful.
We used: Toilet paper roll, tissue paper (cut into squares), glue, clear contact paper, eyes, a chenille stem, 2 small pom-poms and a paint brush.

I watered the glue down to make it easier to spread on the tissue paper. Place the tissue paper on the roll and paint on the glue over the top.

Place contact paper sticky side up, put tissue squares on the contact paper. Place another piece of contact paper on top. Cut the contact paper into the shape of butterfly wings.
Glue the wings on to the roll. Bend the chenille stem in half, glue pom-poms to the ends, Glue the chenille stem antennae to the inside of the front of the roll. Add eyes and mouth.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Made It !!! Friday Showcase!!!!!!

Happy Weekend everyone !!!! Can not wait to see what kidprojects you have been up to this week.

Thanks for linking your posts!!!!

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Flowery Lamp Shade

Here is an easy craft that a little one can do to decorate their room.

Just take an inexpesive lamp shade (I got this lamp and shade from a yard sale) and glue on artificial flowers with craft glue.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rice Crispy Treat Worms/ Caterpillars

This is a repost but since all the caterpillars are coming out around here, I thought it would be fun to share again.

I always love yummy crafts.

I made these for a play date we had on Friday. They turned out so cute and the kids loved them.
You will need: Rice Crispies, Marshmallows, butter (follow the recipe for the Rice Crispy treats), 13x9 pan, fruit roll ups, plastic wrap, chenille stems, wiggly eyes, and glue stick.
1. follow recipe to make treats.
2. Spread treat in 13x9 pan and wait until it gets firm.
3. Cut into 12 equal rectangles.
4. Take each section of treats and roll into a log shape.
5. Cut strips of fruit roll up and wrap around treat.
6. Wrap with plastic wrap.
7. Make antennae with chenille stems.
8. Glue wiggly eyes with glue stick.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easy Ladybug

Here is a cute ladybug that is easy for your little one to make and easy for you to get together.

We used: A large red circle cut from construction paper, a small circle for the head, and 6 strips for the legs from black paper. We also used wiggly eyes, glue and black paint.

Glue on the legs, head and eyes.

Now make the ladybug spots from fingerprints dipped in black paint.

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